Wallmount Ipad X10 Domotica

Wallmount Ipad X10 Domotica

An important part of a decent domotica system is the central console. With this console it is possible to control all devices and view all ip-cameras. I wanted to use an IPAD, soo it needed to be wall mounted. After a lot of googling I found only the iPort CM-IW2000. This wall-mount is cool but got the price of the IPAD itself ($499). Soo.. out-of-the-box wallmount is not going to do it for me, soo lets build my own..
First I removed the part of the plaster. I installed a audio cable wich I connect to my stereo receiver. I integrated the power adaptor in the switch socket. I bought a low-cost IPAD-cover to be able to screw it the wooden wall-structure. My IPAD is such a tight fit, so screwing it to the back is not even necesary. To finish the IPAD I needed some kind of frame.

I used a 3mm white acrylate frame. I had it made using laser cutting technology. There are a lot of companies on the internet selling these services. You need to make an design using Autocad. This is the design I made. ( ipad-frame1-2007.zip ) You can open the design in Autodesk Autocad 2007 or compatible app. After installing it all, the result is superb! A multifunctional console to control all devices in the house and also play mp3 music to the stereo….


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