IPAS Casemodding Buildlog

This is the buildlog of my new gaming rig. It started with the purchase of the Asus MAXIMUS VII Formula. This board also got a hybrid chipset cooler. This is simply the best looking mainboard on the market today. And now I have build the case to match.

IMG_2030_resize IMG_2031_resize
The old Coolermaster stacker 831 moddified to a Ultra fast gaming rig. I used an Intel Core i7 4790K LGA1055 4.0GHz with EK Supremacy full copper CPU waterblock. I used are the Bitspower Multi-Link (SLI/CF) Adapter BP-MBWP-C47 Matt Black fitting for all tubes in the case
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The style is black with copper. I even spray painted the backplate of the CPU waterblock to match the copper look. Dont mind the cables, this is still a work in progress. The tubes are 12MM soft copper pipes. Some of them are bend, but for most of the I needed L shaped connectored wich are solded. This was a precise job especially the connection between the CPU cooler and the chipset cooler.
IMG_2038_resize IMG_2024_resize
The PSU is a Coolermaster V700 (700W). The radiator is the XSPC RX360 Black V3 and the reservoir is the XSPC Photon 270 with the D5 pump.
IMG_1964_resize IMG_2021_resize
The XSPC D5 waterpump comes a with pretty ugly too long cable with a cheap molex connector. I removed this cable and solded an of the space coolermaster PSU cables to match the exact length between the PSU and the pump.
IMG_1990_resize IMG_2029_resize
This is all so very nice..
IMG_1988_resize IMG_1989_resize
The case just before the paintjob
IMG_1996_resize IMG_1992_resize
I got a pair of Asus Geforce GTX780 DirectCUII OC videocards. These are modded with the EK-FC780 GTX Ti DCII – Acetal+Nickel fullcover waterblock including the blackplate.
IMG_1995_resize IMG_1977_resize
Bla Bla
IMG_1979_resize IMG_1980_resize
The case after the first paintjob.
IMG_1983_resize IMG_1987_resize
The pipes are 12MM polished copper combined with transparent acrylic tubes. The bottom plate of the case is 5MM aluminium. I modded it the fit the reservoir and the pipes.
IMG_2022_resize IMG_1967_resize
I even spray painted my Crucial MX100 512GB SSD. Sure thing my warranty is void I guess.
IMG_1968_resize IMG_1970_resize
The front plat is also 5MM aluminium. I cut out three 120MM holes to match the 3 120MM fans.
IMG_1960_resize IMG_1963_resize
The mainboard I used is an Asus MAXIMUS VII Formula. This board got some black cooling armor, even on the bottom of the mainboard. I wanted to be able to see the bottom so I cut out the the mainboard plate in the same outline as the armor.
IMG_1962_resize IMG_1961_resize
Bla Bla

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