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The IPAS Solar apps is an application for the iphone (and ipad) to view realtime power statistics of the solar power application by Jorgen van der Velde. The application uses a websocket connection to the Solar Client app wich is running on a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi read out the pulses of a Kwh meter.To view the daily graph the application download an xml from the webserver. The xml is generated by an PHP script while talking to the mysql database. Solar-diagram

The app is currently only supported for jailbroken iphones and tested on iphone 4, iphone 4s and iphone 5s on iOS 6.1.2 and the new iOS 7.0.4

Solar.0.50.Screenshot2 Solar.0.50.Screenshot4 Solar.0.50.Screenshot1

Version 0.50

  • Added gauges with led.
  • Iphone 5 optimization
  • ipad experimental support

Version 0.44

  • Dynamic charts
  • Monthly usage and solar chart
  • Iphone 5 and 5S Support
  • iOS 7 fixes

Version 0.30

  • Realtime power VU meters using a websocket connection
  • Settings screen
  • Daily graph in a 24 hour diagram
  • slide between days
  • No data is stored on the device


To make this work you need to download three packages. FIrst you need the measurement software. you can download this packages from http://www.studioblueplanet.net/~jorgen/solarpower/software.php

Here you can download the iOS app and the serverside PHP script.


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Installation instructions:

1. First install the meassurement software of my brother Jorgen and install the clientsoftware  on the Raspberry Pi and the serversoftware on a server running mysql. This is explained on project site.

2. Install the php script on a webserver.
You need to edit the script to add the necessary login credential and mysql hostname and database.

4 install the ipa file on a jailbroken iphone.
In the settings screen of the applicatie the following settings need to be filled in:

  • The hostname of the Raspberry Pi server
  • The websocket port of the Raspberry Pi
  • The url of the php script


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