Switchmodding a Netgear GS724TPS

Switchmodding a Netgear GS724TPS

My latest switchmodding project is the silencing of a Netgear Smartswitch
GS724TPS. This switch is the newest 24 port gigabit smartswitch of
Netgear with Power over Ethernet (POE). The model got a powerful
powersupply wich can hold an additional set of 120mm fans with cool
LED’s. The switch got a factory set of 4 small Y.S.TECH FD124020EB 12V
0.12A 40mm fans. This 4 fans are responsable for an acoustic noise of 46
dBA. Ofcourse is this unacceptable within a home enviroment. I replaced
the 4 small fans with a set of two Enermax Appolish 120mm fans 12V 0.4A fans. These fans got circular type LEDs up to 4 times brighter than any other. I choose the blue fans.
The original fans are connected to the mainboard with a regular 12V 3-pin connector. The custom 120mm fans could be connected to these pins. Imported to know is the fact that the pins are reversed. The black wire is connected to the middle pin. This is different to standard computer-fans. However, I did not use this connectors because the fan speed is controlled by the mainboard. The current on the fans is between 7-12V. The LED-fans need a steady 12V so I used 12V of the mainboard-connector. Just use the white (+12V) en black (Gound) wires of this mainboard connector and you’re fine. (The yellow wire is a +5V).I cut two big wholes in the top of the switch. I also made a hole in the plastic of powersupply. I disabled the small fans by unconnecting the connectors of the mainboard. Note: This created a ‘fan-failure’ in the switchlog and the fan-error LED is lid, but who cares.. just ignore it. I
also closed the fan-opening on the left side of the switch, so air can only be sucked in on the right side of the switch. This air cools all the components on the mainboard en powersupply. This is it.. A cool 24
port Gigabit POE switch suited for silent home networking.

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