Boosted Board Stealth Brushless Motor Repair

Boosted Board Stealth Brushless Motor Repair

After experiencing problems with my Boosted Board Stealth motor, I wanted to know everything about the motor. There is some spacing between the shaft en the housing of the motor. In this video I explain what is causing this problem and how I repaired the motor.

These are the dimensions of the new shaft I made:

After searching the web there is not much information available about the original motor. This is what I found out myself.

The connector of the motor is is of the type: Z910.  The Z910 plug is a popular one to find in lower power hub motors systems. It has 3 phase wire terminals good for about 30-40 amps of max current, the 5 hall sensor wires, and a 6th wire that is normally used as a wheel speed sensor in geared motors, or as a motor temperature sensor. Usually this is just called a “9 pin motor” or “waterproof motor” plug, which isn’t all that precise.

The original outside bearing is a NMB R-1980-KK with a dimension 8x19x6 mm.

The inside bearing is a NMB L-1680Kwith a dimension of 8x16x5 mm.

Manufactorer Boosted
Product number T2C827
Pinion width 15.5 mm
Pinion height 17 mm
Pinion teeth 17
Pinion incl washers 22 mm
Shaft length 75 mm
Shaft width 8 mm
Bearing pulley side 8x19x6 mm
Bearing top side 8x16x5 mm
Connector type Z910



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